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A new song is out that i wrote, GO CHECK IT OUT MA B!ATCHES!


Back with ACT

2010-06-12 08:27:27 by HardyMonster

Been too long since i did anything here of NG, but now im back in action!

I've decided to make myself a voice actor, so anybody out there looking for one, im your man!

So im now 17 =D

2010-03-07 13:57:35 by HardyMonster

Yeah, Today is my birthday and im finally 17...

I can now legaly start learning to drive! AWESOME!

Got a new guitar which was nice!

Hey everyone,

Yeah, I'm going to stop making flash and audio books for NG now. Maybe give NG up altogether.

And the reason? I've just started a ICT 2 year course at college and its actually hard! Also I met someone at college in my classes, and long story short, me and her are in love and its so much better then every other relationship i've ever had. She also has a baby girl and left the father, so its me and her together in deep love looking after our baby.

Its like we have started a family. So i'm now swamped with college work and family.
But the great thing about this is, is that... I couldn't be happier! I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!

HardyMonster PEACE OUT!!!

Should i carry that on?

2009-08-13 04:10:40 by HardyMonster

Hey everybody,

If you look on my profile i have made 2 flashes about TF2 artwork.

But im not sure weather to carry on and do all the rest of the other characters... because of the new artwork portal.

I'd like to animate it instead. So what do you people think?

Should i carry on with TF2 artwork or not?


Hey everybody!

The prologue to [MUTE] is now available to listen to on NG.

Click here to listen

Thanks to Shindoku and Pawn007 for helping me out!

Chapter one on the way VERY soon! ;D



New Audio - [MUTE] Audio book - Prologue

Comming Soon to a NG near you!

2009-07-02 13:42:45 by HardyMonster

Hey all!

New stuff on the way very soon.

I am writing books and Pawn007, and shindoku are recording them and then it will be posted as an audio file :D

All is good!

I will update when things update,

thanks all!


Hey everybody!

My exams are over, and now i have 10 weeks of summer to do what i want! :D I will be working on some new flashes including this large project ive been talking about.

I also saw this rather amazing new art portal on NG. And what a cool thing this is going to be :)

I am going to upload some of my art soon, but right now im addicted to CS for some really strange reason :S

Thanks guys!


ALLOT planned

2009-06-09 17:28:03 by HardyMonster

Hey everybody!

Allot of new things are on the way.

Firstly "Bubbles" is still in process because of the lack of voice acting, but once thats done it should be done quickly.

Second is that i am going to be working on a LARGE flash project this summer arriving in 2 weeks, which will take me to the end of the summer, and than it will be posted on Newgrounds.

And last and best of all, i have begun work on my website which is going to be allot like Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep, but with a whole lot more of variety and advice!
If you want your animations to be submitted on this website please let me know and i will keep you updated! (It will be like NG so you will be able to make an account and uplaod them yourself :D)

Thanks all!


Here's the deal

2009-05-24 19:06:13 by HardyMonster

Here's the deal, I am still working on and will be done soon "bubbles", also I am recording some new songs in my band I'm a few days so I will upload one the next day.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy, sound cool?